Marble Polishing Services in India 20 September 2022

Marble Polishing Services in India

We provide all forms of marble polishing services and manage any type of wear and tear that occurs on the floor, making it seem dusty, dull, and brownish in colour. We offer marble floor treatment so that your money spent on expensive floors may be put to good use since floor polishing increases the brightness and shine of the floor considerably.

Marble polishing removes several forms of stains from the floor. The floor becomes stain-free and glossy once it has been polished. Because of the unevenness of the floor surface, shine does not always emanate from it, and when scratches appear on the floor, it might become dull, unclean, or stained. If light reflects off the marble floor, it signifies the floor is glossy. And if the marble floor shines, it improves the appearance of your home's room. As a result, it is critical to maintain your home's marble polishing at all times.

Enhance the shine of the flooring and enrich the look of your house with the aid of diamond polish on the marble floor. In addition, diamond polishing on the marble floor results in a smooth surface. To polish the marble floor, very hard fine materials such as diamonds are utilized. To achieve the uneven surface of the floor, we are grinding it with a special equipment. When the marble polishing procedure is completed, the floor appears shinny and shiny. It seems to be the new floor in your home. Urban Cleaners provides the most affordable Marble polishing services in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon/Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, Greater Noida, Vaishali, Indirapuram, Manesar, and surrounding regions. The cost of diamond marble polishing starts at Rs.20-25 per square foot.


1.Marble Floor Grinding: Lippage occurs when the floor setting is not even or the installation of the floor is not even. When the floor is regularly used or after a length of time, many scratches can be seen with the naked eye on the floor. It is also possible that the new floor will have uneven surfaces.

2.Grinding or Scrubbing: Grinding and scrubbing eliminates any roughness, whether it is Italian, Mosaic, or elsewhere. The flat contour of the floor is being achieved by this technique. By using this method, all stains and severe scratches on the floor will be eliminated. For this technique, diamonds with grit sizes of 30 and 50 are appropriate and effective.

3.Honing during Marble Polishing: This procedure is appropriate for removing stains and scratches from the floor marble, with the main goal of increasing the smoothness and brightness of the floor. And, for the greatest marble polishing results, use cleaning pads with grits of 100 and 200.

4.Polishing on Marble: The fourth stage in marble polishing is necessary for shining effects on floor marble. With the marble polisher. This is essential to give the marble a gleaming appearance. The dull appearance makes stone appear less polished and visually attractive. It removes dullness from marble and polishes it, leaving it glossy and lustrous. We utilize industrial-grade cleaning and scrub pads with grit sizes of 400, 800, and 1500 for this process, which has proven to be effective.

5.Buffing/Crystallization: The most critical stage in marble polishing, also known as marble crystallization or buffing, is what gives marbles their WOW factor. Marble is processed with a combination of crystallization powders and chemicals. Regardless matter the hue of the marble, buffing produces a mirror-like brilliance. A grit size of 3000 is frequently sufficient for carrying out the crystallization process of marble.

6.Floor Sealing: The final step is to apply sealer after the marble treatment to avoid any chips or fractures in the marble. It is critical to use a high-quality sealer on marble to keep it from chipping or cracking.

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