Expert Tips for Deep Cleaning 30 December 2022

Expert Tips for Deep Cleaning

Because many office cleaners are not yet as qualified as commercial cleaners to perform a deep clean, we decided to share some helpful hints with you in the hope that they will assist your business in growing.

Remove as much furniture and clutter as possible from the area.

If the surface is clear of clutter, it will be easier to move around and reach neglected areas. Include this in your pre-deep cleaning checklist as well as your general cleaning checklist.

It is also a good idea to discuss this with your customers ahead of time so that they can prepare the area for you.

This is essential, especially if you will be wiping down desks. They must clear the desks of papers and other clutter.

Concentrate on the Tough-to-Reach Areas.

Regular cleaning will undoubtedly remove the everyday dust that accumulates in the workspace. This is true in frequently used areas.

Deep cleaning is required for areas such as ceilings, skirting boards, high horizontal surfaces, the backs of computers, and any other nooks and crannies where horror normally accumulates.

It's similar to how you do spring cleaning at home.

Disinfect the kitchen appliances.

Deep cleaning is the ideal time to focus on everyday kitchen appliances such as the coffee maker and microwave. These appliances are rarely given the attention they deserve.

Working in the commercial cleaning industry taught me that you can multitask with these aspects of cleaning.

While you scrub your way to the sink and other areas of the kitchen, you can boil vinegar in the coffee machine.

The use of white vinegar will undoubtedly remove the coffee machine's water calcium build-up.

It's also a good time to clean and deodorize the microwave. Begin by removing the microwave plate and thoroughly cleaning it.

When you're finished, take half a lemon slice, place it in a bowl with water, and microwave it for about five minutes.

This will leave the microwave clean and fragrant.

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